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What gets put in a dryer . . .

The old saying goes, “what goes around, comes around.” What it ought to say is something like, “what goes in the dryer goes round and round and gets the shit beat out of it until it comes out all wrinkled,” or something similar.

The past week or so has been one of those spin-cycle rides. Our oldest cat (the big scaredy cat) is sick and no one can identify the illness. He seems to be having some kind of seizures but we’re not sure and we’ve just made the decision to put a halt on everything.

Likely, we’ll have to put Max down and very likely, soon. Today. We can’t let him continue as he is and there doesn’t seem to be any explanation as to what is wrong with him. That in itself is enough to break your heart when you love your pets much as we love him.

Putting Max down means we will likely also put Mooch down. They are best buds and Mooch is our feral who won’t let us handle him. We literally, catch him once a year and get him to the vet for vaccines and a physical, but that’s it. He only likes Max, tolerates Cooper and wishes we would go away and just leave his food.

That leaves us with just one cat, Cooper, the major brat boy. Still, as much a little devil as he is, he is all that will keep us going for a while.

On top of Max’s three trips to the emergency room and continued problems, we’ve been planning a move and it’s just snowballed what with Max’s expenses. We find ourselves behind the eight ball and losing ground. The new house is a steal, thanks to a very good friend, but it puts us half an hour from husband’s work rather than just 10 minutes, increasing car and gas expenses, etc.

Just moving out there is about a $3000 adventure, with movers, cleaners, truck rental, first, last, deposit, etc. So, we’ve decided not to put ourselves in that position either.

Here I sit, with a house half packed, knowing this is the right decision, these are the right decisions, and yet not really wanting to make any of them.

But we need to settle things down, stay on track and do the right things. Maybe this time we can add a dryer sheet to the mix and at least get the clothes out of the dryer with fewer wrinkles.

(Written off the cuff, no editing; I couldn’t even reread it.)



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